100% Hardwood Pellets
AMBIANCE wood pellets are YOUR top quality choice!
Made from 100% hardwood, these hardwood pellets will burn longer
and cleaner in your pellet stoves.
Northstar Retro Appliances
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15% OFF! Western Yellow Cedar
Looking for truly BEAUTIFUL lumber for your Deck, Fence, or Backyard Project?

We Are Now Stocking The Structural Framing & Deck Boards For Your Projects!
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Never Goes Out of Style
Now, more than ever, shop where you can count on friendly,
caring service that puts customers first.
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Celebrating 10 Years In Business!

Thursday October 21, 2021 marks the anniversary of our officially opening our doors!

We would like to thank you, one & all, for your continued support. Be sure to check out our Flyer page for a limited time offer!
-From The Staff & Store Owner of Timber Top Country Store.

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At Timber Top Country Store, customer service is our business.
Whether you are a homeowner or contractor, or farmer, we are here to assist with a wide range of tools, products and supplies, as well as expertise.
Our inventory includes contractor and farm hardware, building supplies, plumbing supplies, and paints and stains—all brought to you with a commitment to quality products.

Commercial and industrial accounts are welcome.