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Pump Jack Scaffolding

Work Safely & Efficiently with scaffolding that will take you Sky-Hi

We are your source for Pump Jack Scaffolding & STOCK all components and accessories! Pump Jack systems are load tested and engineered for your safety.

Each pump jack is load tested and engineered for your safety. They come with serial numbers lasered into them which allows for easy owner identification.


We have the following planks IN STOCK at most any given time.

Pump Jack Pole


The 3” square aluminum rubber back poles are made in Canada and are made with 6061T6 aluminum. They are compatible with most brands of aluminum pump jack scaffolding. Poles come in lengths of 6’, 12’, 18’, and 24’. They are load tested and engineered for your safety.

Pump Jack Roof Brace


These foldable braces are designed for use with the pump jack system, and provide rigid steel triangular bracing as required by OSHA.